BVMW590C 5 KVA 4000W 90V – 300V Heavy Duty Stabilizer Copper Wound


Input Working Range – 90V – 300V

Replacement warranty – One year

Bluevolt India BVMW590 5 KVA 4000W 90V – 300V Heavy Duty Stabilizer Comes With Changeover MCB/Powers all Home Appliances (Digital Display, Wall Mounted), 1 Year Replacement Guarantee

  • To protect your equipment, full protection is designed for overvoltage, Undervoltage, short circuit, and overload.
  • LED indicators on a digital LCD panel show input and output voltage continually.
  • Automatically interrupts the grid supply during a surge and oscillations in power.
  • Wall Mounted: An easy-to-install, ergonomic wall mounting design. Integrated with High Efficient Toroidal Transformer and Zero Cross Switching Technology.
  • Integrated with High Efficient Toroidal Transformer and Zero Cross Switching Technology ghostwriter hausarbeit kosten.
  • The power supply is instantly turned off during significant surges and fluctuations, providing complete protection for all of your appliances with built-in high voltage cut, low voltage cut, short circuit and overload protection, boosting their performance and life cycle.
  • You can monitor the voltage performance in real-time using the multifunctional digital display, which displays the output voltage (OP), input voltage (IP), high voltage (Hi), low voltage (Lo), and the 5 second initial time delay countdown.
  • Simple installation with only 5 wire connections, clearly marked on the stabiliser: 2 wires for input, 2 wires for output, and 1 wire for earthing wie wäscht man seide. Compact design, readily wall mountable with in-box mounting accessories. High tensile metal cabinet for the extended life cycle of the device.
  • Integrated with Zero Cross Switching Technology, Highly Efficient Toroidal Transformer, 2 MCB on the front, 1 for Mains Stabilizer On/Off, 2nd for Changeover/Bypass to Use Grid Power Supply in Case of Failure or Emergency, Saving You the Hassle of a Power Outage.
  • Bluevolt Indiaincludes a 5 KVA stabilizer with a one-year replacement guarantee kaschmir wolldecke. If there are any issues with the stabiliser, we will replace it at no cost to you. You won’t have to leave your home; the old stabilizer will be picked up and a new one will be delivered.

Bluevolt India BVMW590 5 KVA 4000W 90V – 300V Heavy Duty Voltage Stabilizer for Mainline with Changeover MCB & Wide Voltage Range Operation (Wall Mounted)

You can choose from an unique line of automated voltage stabilizers from Bluevolt Indiathat are perfect for all of your appliances and their voltage requirements baumwolldecke.

Fans will begin to turn more quickly, lights will begin to glow a little brighter, and everything else in between will feel like a new energy in your home with the power you deserve. Designed to take care of all the appliances in your home. It is advised to use it in negatively affected locations with frequent grid voltage drops and poor connectivity merino decke. Bluevolt IndiaMainline Stabilizer will also assist your Inverter/UPS in completing the battery charge more quickly so you may be prepared for any unanticipated power outages.

Working Input Range
90V – 300V
Output Voltage Range
200V-240V +/- 5% (190V Lowest & 252V Highest)
Low Voltage Cut Off
High Voltage Cut Off
280V Cut Off (Recovery @ 300V)
Max. Output Current
20 Amps.
Initial Time Delay
5 to 10 seconds
50 Hz. +/- 2 Hz.
Overload Protection
via MCB (Stabilizer On/Off Mains)


By-Pass / Changeover
via MCB (To be turned on 1 MCB at a time)
Fully Automatic
Relay Type
Display Type
Digital (Multifunctional)
Display Parameters
‘Lo’ for Low voltage, ‘Hi’ for High Voltage
Voltage Display
‘IP’ for Input, ‘OP’ for Output
Idle Power Consumption
Less than 10 watts*
Recommended MCB
Use only ‘C’ Series MCB at your Distribution Box before connecting the stabilizer


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