Blue Volt

Servo Voltage Correctors

The servo stabilizers are the best option for usage as main Voltage Stabilizers since they offer uninterrupted, precise voltage regulation. BLUEVOLT INDIA stabilizers are extremely energy-efficient, with no load losses of less than 2%.

Install a stabilizer as soon as possible if your device has low, excessive, or unbalanced voltage. Industrial facilities with a severe or higher rate of electrical equipment failure, including bulbs, tubes, chokes, starters, contractor coils, motors, etc., should investigate the possibility that voltage variation is to blame (esp. High voltage). You can continually record incoming voltage values every hour for a few days. A stabilizer is unquestionably necessary if you discover that the input voltage is either lower or greater than 230V (single phase) or 400V (three phases), even for a short period of time each day.

Specification Table Header Table Header
2KVA to 30KVA (Single Phase)
5 KVA to 1000 KVA (Three Phase)
Single Phase
Three Phase / Unbalance Type
Voltage Input
Frequency Input
Voltage Output
230 V ± 1%
400 V ± 1%
Delay Output
0 - 10 sec
0 - 10 sec
Over Volt Output
AC 250V ± 5V
AC 440V ± 5V
Low Volt Output
AC 180V ± 5V
AC 311V ± 5V
By pass Protection
Provided (Optional)
Provided (Optional)
Specification Table Header Table Header
Over Load Trip Protection
Provided (Optional)
Cooling System
Air (Cooled)
Air Cooled / Oil Cooled
Full Load Efficiency
Better Than 95%
Better Than 95%
No Load Efficiency
Less Than 2% of Rated Load
Less Than 2% of Rated Load
5ºC - 40ºC
5ºC - 40ºC
Upto 95%
Upto 95%
Floor Mounting
Floor Mounting
Floor Mounting
Class Insulation
B Class
B Class
Specification Table Header
Duty Cylce
24 hr. Continuous Operation
Wave Form Distortion
Nil True to Input
Response Time
Less Than 10ms
Correction Speed
Upto 70V per sec. (Dependent on Input Voltage & Capacity)
Correction Method
Step-less Correction using Auto Variable Transformer
Suitable for all Power Factor Loads
Break Down Strength & IR
300V AC for 2 minutes, Gretaer than 50 Mega Ohms at 500V DC
No Load Loss
Less than 0.4%
Type & Suitability
Unbalanced Supply, 3 Phase Unbalanced