Bluevolt India BVMW290C 2 KVA 1600W 90V-280V Multipurpose Voltage Stabilizer (Digital Display, Wall Mounted)



To protect your equipment, full protection is designed for overvoltage, under voltage, short circuit, and overload.

Wall Mounted: An easy-to-install, ergonomic wall mounting design.
Integrated with High Efficient Toroidal Transformer and Zero Cross Switching Technology.

The 2 KVA stabilizer has a one-year replacement guarantee.

Product details
Manufacturer: Bluevolt India
Country of Origin: India
One year replacement guarantee.

All the appliances in your house will be taken care of by this voltage stabilizer. After use, you’ll notice that the lights are brighter, the fans are moving more quickly, and your entire home has a newfound vigour. It is advised to use this in places that are negatively impacted by frequent power outages.

Due to its many advantages, including its suitability for submersibles and pumps and its reliance on an intelligent system with a digital voltmeter, it aids in providing precise power voltage readings. The fact that Bluevolt India stabilizers are simple to install is another of its best qualities.

Technical Specifications
Working Input Range
90V – 280V
Output Voltage Range
200V-240V +/- 5% (190V Lowest & 252V Highest)
Low Voltage Cut Off – 90V
High Voltage Cut Off – 280V Cut Off

Initial Time Delay – 5 to 10 seconds
Frequency – 50 Hz. +/- 2 Hz.
Operation – Fully Automatic
Technology – Relay Type
DisplayType-Digital (Multifunctional)
Display Parameters
‘Lo’ for Low voltage, ‘Hi’ for High Voltage
Voltage Display
‘IP’ for Input, ‘OP’ for Output

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